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The winds of the universe have brought you to Two Girls One Co, but if, like us, you are wondering, “what on earth am I here for” Earth, lol, no, not our site. Adulting has left us all asking this question at multiple phases in our lives, from anxiety to pass one’s final exams to the unnecessary weight gain that has to come from one’s indulgence in one’s favorite ice cream; WHY is it so complicated?

Find out what the must-read books are or if that is not your thing learn how to throw the best intimate games night ever because it’s Friday, and we have just shared recipes for five easy cocktails and five new cards games you can play. 

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P.S It’s our birthday April 1st, we have something special coming.

Love & Light 

Sayo & Jomi 

Co- Creative Directors 

Two Girls One Co


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